Hurricane Sandy: Chabad of Oceanside, Ron Hershco & Kars 4 Kids – Non-Profits Need Help Too

It’s been months since Hurricane Sandy devastated areas across New York and New Jersey. Survivors try and grapple with the situation that they now face from the October 29th storm, some are coping well and some aren’t. Nevertheless, the amount of damage is billions of dollars, but it wasn’t only the residents of the New Jersey-New York-Connecticut corridor that has been affected.

A number of non-profit organizations have also felt the wrath of Sandy, most notably Chabad of Oceanside. Usually this charity is found helping others, but now it found itself in need. Chabad of Oceanside is 100% locally funded and provides an open door environment for enhancing Jewish family life.

After the storm, Chabad of Oceanside provided the necessary relief to people who were hard hit in the area by offering relief packages, counseling and evacuations. But one generous donor, Ron Hershco gave a building located at 3700 Oceanside to the organization to help with its relief efforts.

It’s donations from benefactors like Ron Hershco that make a difference when a natural disaster hits. Residents received furniture donations from the Red Cross, but people were still found sleeping on the floor under layers of blankets in sleeping bags. The only warmth that they received was from a generator that warmed them for a couple of hours before they drifted off to sleep. But by morning they were chilled to the bone.

There’s hope and relief to come soon, the city recently announced a program for non-profits to help the residents recover in the hardest hit areas. Priority is given to non-profits rather than individuals. They have the widest scope to help many and the loans are interest free under the New York City Nonprofit Recover Loan Program.

Loan programs such as this that will get the city back on its feet, there’s ongoing disaster relief effort happening, but it may take years to recover. New York is very concerned that its residents may have to move out of state because of the high costs to repair their homes. Some are seeking refuge with family and friends elsewhere as they are providing them with a safe haven to get these people back on their feet.

Kars 4 Kids is a charity that is helping many – they distributed over 1,000 children’s coats and clothing to NYC residents who were impacted by the Hurricane. You can never predict the impact of a natural disaster and for many the thought of a hurricane hitting New York and the surrounding areas seemed far-fetched, but what we are seeing is that people are keen to put their lives back together and that will only happen with disaster relief programs designed to help non-profit organizations give back ten-fold to their communities in need.

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