Hurricane Sandy: Chabad Oceanside, Ron Hershco & Donations

It is said often that wherever there are people, there is Chabad.  And that really is true all over the world.  And wherever Jews need help, Chabad exists.

And now Jews living on the South Shore of Long Island, New York are in need as Hurricane Sandy didn’t discriminate, and affected Chabad of Oceanside in a major way.  A building which was originally located by Ron Hershco at 3700 Oceanside Road for Chabad of Oceanside had damage, and now that and more needs help.

Chabad of Oceanside has also organized to help people in the hard-hit area – many residents spent weeks out of their homes.  From relief packages to counseling, assisting with evacuations to home visits Chabad of Oceanside is always there for the Jewish Community in need.

Rabbi Levi Gurkov leads Chabad of Oceanside and is known as a warm, welcome leader for the community.  The shul is active, with many members, including religious services, pre-school programs, Hebrew school, women’s groups and other activities.

Like many others, there have been changes due to Hurricane Sandy, even with the help of donors like Jason Sultzer, Ron Hershco, Barbara and Joseph Hakim and others.

There are no membership fees at Chabad of Oceanside, and all Jews are always welcome.  More information is available at

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  1. Richie A says:

    The effects of Sandy have been awful for so many Jewish institutions. Thank you to Ron Hershco and people like him for donations. Am Israel chai.

  2. Steve says:

    I know Ron Hershco, and frankly, I’m not surprised by his most recent philanthropic act.

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