Henry Swieca – An American Success Story

When people talk about the American dream coming true, there are few people of whom that description can be more accurate than New York based hedge fund manager Henry Swieca.  He is a founder of Highbridge Capital Management, Talpion Fund Management and Forbes Magazine calls him a self-made Billionaire.

A proud Jewish-American, he was raised in Washington Heights, where he spent many hours playing basketball — and then graduated from Stony Brook University where he finished his Bachelor of Arts degree.  As he said, he works hard and that’s one of the secrets to success. As he told his first employer: “I told them I was hungry and would work for very little money – “I had no connections; I had to hustle and struggle.”

With a small amount of money left to him by his parents, Swieca started trading stocks which enabled him to send his brother to school. Right after graduation, he began working for Merrill Lynch. Eventually, he worked as an institutional investor advisor for Dillon Read. Together with Glenn Dubin, Swieca co-founded Dubin and Swieca Group in 1984. Eight years later, the duo started Highbridge Capital Management. In 2004,  JP Morgan Chase acquired 55% of the company’s stake. Five years later, they sold all their remaining shares.

Henry Swieca is truly an American success story.

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