Expert Writing Services: What Influences the Cost?

Everybody has already got used to online services. There are numerous assignment writing partnerships that are ready to help students whenever the need appears. They offer services of the highest quality and some great benefits and guarantees. This sounds so good that some people begin to wonder whether everything is that perfect. Of course, nothing and no one can be perfect. Thus, you should face the issue of price.


Price policy of an assignment writing partnership is always important. Many students have limited budgets and are forced to work in order to cover the needed expenses. Academic help is one of their targets. Of course, they cannot afford too expensive help and look for some reasonable prices. To define how much you are supposed to pay, you should know the main price influencers.


When you place an order you should fill out some compulsory fields in the application form. They directly affect the total sum of every order. What are those fields? Consider the following points borrowed from an expert writing service AdvancedWriters and its great team of highly qualified academic writers:


  • A type of your assignment. This is one of the most important influencers. You can select among different academic papers – dissertation, case study, coursework, laboratory report, book/movie/article/literature reviews, personal statement, research proposal, all types of essays and others. All of them have a different price. It’s understood that a dissertation will be more expensive than a reflective essay. Therefore, your assignment greatly predetermines the price.
  • The urgency. Every assignment has a definite deadline. Once you receive yours and understand that you won’t be able to cope with it properly, place an instant order. The sooner, the better. If the deadline is long and gives about two days or more to compose it, the cost will be much lower than if you request a two-hour order. Therefore, don’t delay and make it quickly.
  • The length. Another important factor that affects the price is the length of your order. Some websites count the words; some count the number of characters; and some give heed to the number of pages. The longer your assignment is the more fees will be charged.
  • A choice of a writer. Pay special attention to a writer you hire or the one who is assigned by the writing agency. Writers with a high reputation, a better number of successfully accomplished orders, and the quickest ones charge more. Accordingly, it may be better to prefer an assistant with a bit lower rating. Mind that such writers are also skilled and effective. It’s quite possible that they will easily meet all your academic requirements.
  • Language preferences. All writing agencies offer two kinds of writers – native speakers and authors whose English is their second language (ESL). ESL experts charge less but are also quite dependable and helpful.
  • A kind of writing services. You should likewise specify the kind of services you require. These are writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting. The secondary services provide you with other opportunities. Thus, a writer can find informative sources, craft an outline, cite, make a list of references, etc. Every service has its price.

It’s worth mentioning some adjustments. Sometimes, students change the requirements to their orders. Perhaps, they decide that a paper should be written in another style, cove another topic, or a professor has changed the requirements at the last moment. After all, a student may simply forget to specify some essential instructions. Any change after the initial conditions were accepted will cost additional payment.


We likewise want to remind that adjustments are not commonly compensated. Every customer may receive his/her money back if the predetermined requirements weren’t fulfilled as promised. However, you will not receive a single penny if you make unplanned changes and their quality was not satisfying.


Memorize these points. They always affect the total sum. Once you change any of them, the price changes as well. Use the online calculator that is conventionally offered by writing agencies. Sum up and you will see the result. Adjust the requirements until they are suitable for your financial possibilities and confirm the order only after that.

What Do I Pay for?

As you are going to order expert writing services, you should know what conditions are available. These are as follows:

  • High quality. Make sure you receive papers of the top quality. Your personal assistant should be competent and meet the highest academic standards. He/she should write without mistakes, cover meaningful topics, provide convincing examples, write using the correct writing styles and something of the kind.
  • Authentic content. Your assignments must be 100% authentic. No exceptions are allowed. Don’t forget to check the uniqueness with a plagiarism checker.
  • Progressive delivery. If you set a certain period of time needed to accomplish your order, the chosen helper is obliged to deliver it before the deadline is over. Writing companies should not be late. Otherwise, get your money back and look for a more credible help.
  • Confidentiality. Another inevitable guarantee is anonymity. Your writing company has no right to share your personal information with any other similar or dissimilar companies and individual users.
  • 24/7 customer support. Probably, you’ll need urgent help or you’ll have some questions. Your website should be available 24/7. Make sure you will be supported anytime and anyplace. Competent technicians should be available in the chat room.

You have the full right to receive these conditions and guarantees. Thus, your money will be paid not in vain. Find a reasonable proposal and enjoy the best academic paper assistance.

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