Elie Hirschfeld’s Fitness Tips for CEOs

By Elie Hirschfeld

I have completed over 75 triathlons within the last 25 years, and I offer the following training tips to fellow CEOs interested in competitive athletics.

  • Whatever the goal, it will help keep you focused and committedPick a sport or an activity you enjoy. While many people ask which is the best activity to stay fit or to lose weight, I always suggest finding the activity you like because it is easier to stay committed.
  • Cross train. It helps alleviate boredom by switching it up while working a larger variety of muscles.
  • Exercise moderately. By not over-doing it, you will avoid burn out. If you are training for an event, increase effort in the days leading up to the race, but afterwards return to moderation.
  • Have a goal. Whatever the goal, event or milestone, it will help keep you focused and committed.
  • Avoid injury. Preventative measures include: checking in with a doctor from time to time, stretching, avoiding weight gain, eating healthy, etc.
  • Keep at it. This is the key. There are plenty of days I just don’t feel up to exercising or am just too tired. It is important to do something anyway on those days.
  • Take pride in the effort. Feel good about achieving your goals and putting forth the effort.

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