Educating Our Children

A child’s education begins in the home. If the parents listen and speak to each other and their children with respect, children will learn to treat others with respect. If parents pay close attention to the appearance of their homes, so too, will their children grow up to create clean and attractive living spaces.

It is no different with good deeds. Parents who volunteer spare time to serve in soup kitchens, spend time with lonely seniors, or mentor youths, are setting an example for their children. They light a path of decency and values for their children with their deeds.

Sometimes, setting an example involves turning a loss into a gift. Such is the case with donating an old car to the kars4kids car donation charity.  You could moan about the loss of your car and your kids could see and hear this, or you could turn a negative into a positive, by donating that car to Kars4Kids. A donation to Kars4Kids may not extend the life of your car. But it will mean that you have extended the life of your car’s usefulness.

Donating your car to Kars For Kids means that some child, somewhere, a child just like your own child, will get to go to camp, get help with his or her studies, or receive a warm jacket to protect against the winter chill. Best of all, your child will see your good deed and grow up to be a better person for having witnessed your values in action. Your child will see you turn an old car/clunker into a shining new act of goodwill.

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