Dr. Mordechai Kedar To Visit U.S.

With the Middle East in the midst of a profound and historic transformation, image, reality and public relations are very important. Many are trying to understand the developments in the Arab world and in the Arab and Muslim culture and religion. Additionally, Iran’s nuclear aspirations are the cause of  deep concern to many all over the world.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam, a research associate of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, is one of Israel’s leading figures in understanding the Arab world. He is the Middle East analyst of the daily newspaper “Makor Rishon” as well as other publications.

Dr. Kedar is a frequent guest in the Israeli, Arab and international media. In January of 2011, Dr. Kedar gave a very insightful presentation on Capitol Hill on “Why is the Middle East Such a Difficult Area for Americans and Westerners to Understand?”

Dr. Kedar will be on a speaking tour visiting North America between January 17 and February 19, 2013.  He is available to be booked for lectures and various presentations. He can be a scholar-in-residence for a weekend or give presentations and lectures during the weekdays.His lectures are about the Middle East, Israel’s existence within the Middle Eastern environment, the struggle over Jerusalem, Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world and Iran. Please see the list of topics below.

You might have watched his famous interview on al-Jazeera about the right of Jews to build in Jerusalem:  http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=VHpMhAzj-Tk

Dr. Kedar would like to offer his lectures to Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, universities, colleges, schools, community centers, organizations etc. He will be in North America between January 17 and February 19, 2013.

If you would like to view a sample lecture or if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact Dr. Kedar at the e-mail:   kedar.tour@gmail.com

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  1. Mark Bernadiner says:

    Truth about fake “palestinians”

    The highest ranking Soviet bloc defector, KGB Major General Ion Mihai Pacepa, in his documentary book “Red Horizons” rote about ME peace process and role of KGB in it:
    “The peace process is, and has from the outset, been nothing but a charade. It all started with the creation of a fictitious “Palestinian People” who allegedly demand political self determination. This collective noun was created by the Soviet disinformation masters in 1964 when they created the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the “PLO”. The term “Palestinian People” as a descriptive of Arabs in Palestine appeared for the first time in the preamble of the 1964 PLO Charter, drafted in Moscow. The Charter was affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National Council, handpicked by the KGB.
    There are additional documentary confirmations that a such ethnic group as “palestinian people” and a state of “Palestine” have never existed:
    Arab leaders like Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi told the Peel Commission in 1937: “There is no such country as ‘Palestine’; ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented!’
    In 1946, Arab historian Philip Hitti testified before the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry that “there is no such thing as Palestine in history.”
    In 1977, an executive committee member of the PLO Zahir Muhsein confirmed that there is no such thing as a separate “palestinian” people of Arab descent. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw in March 31, 1977, he stated the following: “The palestinian people do not exist. The creation of a palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”
    Based on the above and the attached documents, it is absolutely clear that the documentation submitted to UN for recognition of the Palestinian state is fake, false and fraudulent and was fabricated by Soviet KGB in the 1960s – 70s. Respectively, the UN resolution on recognition of the Palestinian state (as well as all UN resolutions on this issue) is illegal and shall be annulled. Moreover, all legal and historic documentation enclosed confirm legal and historic right of Israel and Jewish people on the land including Judea, Samaria (called West bank), Gaza and that that is called Jordan. With all my respect, I request full investigation of UN illegal activity based on fraudulent data fabricated by KGB and PLO and provided to international community. Those who have filed false documents to the UN, including Mahmoud Abbas, PLO chairman and president palestinian authority; Riyad Mansour, permanent observer of palestinian authority to the UN; and their accomplices, Mr. Churkin, Russia permanent representative to the UN, and Mr. Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, as Russia is legally responsible for all previous actions committed and documents submitted by the USSR, shall be brought to justice through the International Criminal Court in Hague, The Netherlands.

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