Different Opinions on Israel Real Estate

Many different people have various opinions on Israeli real estate.  Ron Hershco is optimistic about real estate all over the world as is Donald Trump – others, less so.

n  Robert Shemin a commentator for Fox News & CNN said “It won’t be worthwhile investing in Israeli real estate in 2013. Prices are too high and the return on assets is negligible. From outside, investors are looking at what is happening in Israel, and they think that Israel is a market for gamblers and speculators. It reminds me of the situation in the US before the bubble burst.”

n  Meanwhile, Bank of Israel shows that an average of NIS 4 billion in new mortgages were taken a month in May and June 2012.  Of course mortgages in Israel work much differently than mortgages here.

n  Meanwhile, conglomerate Delek Group is considering selling all of its European units.  Reports indicated that the assets could be sold for over $1 Billion.

The entire economic situation in Israel has seen real improvement over the last years – from technology to development and naturally real estate prices have gone up along with it. Seems start-up nation is also Israel real estate nation.

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