Cuny Trustee And Jewish Community Leaders Held Press Conference Calling On Brooklyn College To Make Immediate Changes Or Will Face Lawsuit

February 14, 2013 – A press conference was hosted at 5WPR today where Jewish students from Brooklyn College, Jeff Wiesenfeld, a 14-year CUNY trustee, noted-civil rights attorney Neal Sher and Jewish communal leaders demanded that BrooklynCollege adopt immediate policy changes. 


The press conference was held as a result of Jewish students being wrongly ejected from an event hosted by the school in support of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.


Speakers included:


Jeffrey Wiesenfeld – 14-year CUNY trustee, former aide to Governor Pataki and other elected officials: “As a trustee who has observed for many years the heroic leadership of Chancellor Goldstein in restoring the reputation of CUNY, I will not stand by as the cancer of faux “academic freedom” is used to malign people indiscriminately and damage the reputation of our University, as cited by President Obama in last night’s State of the Union. We need a new paradigm. For too long the august principles of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) have been corrupted: teaching has morphed into proselytizing, debate into propaganda, “free and open exchange” into harassment and exclusion. Not all groups play by the rules. It is time for a national discussion on intellectual diversity – the one diversity disappearing from our campuses. Organizations which have a demonstrable record of exclusion, harassment of others, prohibited political propaganda or even physical disruption or violence – should and must be excluded.”


Neal Sher – former Special war Crimes Prosecutor, US Dept. of Justice: “ I wish to make clear that the paradigm where some groups were “exempt” from the protections afforded by Title VI of the US Civil Rights Act. These federal statutes afford Jewish students the same protection and rights to a safe and unhindered educational environment as their peers in other ethnic groupings. I am prepared to commence legal proceeding s against the City University of New York if guidelines are not adopted which would prevent the violations we witnessed recently at Brooklyn College of the civil and constitutional rights of Jewish students at a Brooklyn College event sponsored by its Political Science department.


Dovid Efune – editor-in-chief, Algemeiner Journal which came into possession of audio recording documenting the falsehood of allegations of disruptive behavior by Jewish students made by Brooklyn College administrators: “we had reported on the initial narrative from both sides and were quite surprised when Brooklyn College came out quite forcefully on the side of the BDS organizers. We were shocked to discover upon hearing the tape that the allegations were baseless, and that Brooklyn College had lied to the public by taking sides without securing sufficient evidence of what took place first.”

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