Charles Fey – The Father Of Slot Games

A name many people have never heard of even though he is the father of online slot games as we know them! You can actually play on a wide variety of slot games at Slotzo today! But,  below we will outline who Charles Fey was and what he did to solidify his title as the pioneer of slot gaming as we know it today as well as his impact on slot machine gaming as a whole.

The Early Life Of Charles Fey

Charles Fey was born in Bavaria in 1862. During his early years, he worked in both England and France putting his mechanical skills to work by working as an intercom equipment manufacturer and then a nautical instrument maker.  He then immigrated to new jersey at the age of 23 and that is where he began working at the Californian electric works company.


He quit his job with his partner Theodore Holtz and began their own company creating telephone, telegraph and communication equipment. It was here that he would create a machine that would revolutionise gambling and introduce slot machines into the mainstream allowing them to develop into the online slot games we have on our computers today.


Creation Of The Liberty Bell Slot Machine

In 1895 Charles Fey was working with his partner Theodore Holtz when he decided to create an automatic dispensing slot machine to entertain his customers as they waited. This machine was “The Liberty Bell” and its maximum payout was $5.00, now that doesn’t seem much at all however it was revolutionary for slot machines to be able to pay out winnings themselves as at the time you needed to grab the attention of a steward at the casino and ask them to check the machine and pay out your winnings. This stretched the time between winning and being paid your winnings.


Charles’ invention was such a hit that he opened his own slot machine factory in 1896 to be able to create and sell his slot machines as a full-time job providing casinos with his new machines. Sadly the laws surrounding gambling in America are very strict so Charles could not patent his creation allowing a large number of copycats to copy his designs and capitalize on the slot gaming boom of the age.


Fey’s Impact On Modern Online Slot Games

To say that Charles Fey made slot machine history when he created the liberty bell is a massive understatement. His work on self-paying slot machines has paved the way for the adoption of automatic machines in all casinos as standard as well as introducing slot machines as a mainstream game in casinos.


As a cause of the mainstream adoption of slot machines, it was only natural that the internet would swallow it up and add its own spin onto the games. Without Charles Fey’s work, it is probable that slot machines would not have been big enough to be adopted into the digital world. Fast forward to today and we have thousands upon thousands of slot games available 24/7 over thousands of slot sites, all thanks to one man and his idea.


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