Canadian Talk Show Host Suspended for anti-Semitic Remarks

A Canadian radio talk show host who told a caller that Jews could “sometimes be annoying” has come under fire from Jewish groups, both inside and outside of Canada. According to Arutz Sheva, the host, Jacques Fabi, listened without interruption as one of his guests criticized Israel for striking Palestinan targets in Gaza and then went on to “attack the Jewish people and praise the Holocaust.”

Rather than arguing with his caller’s statements, says Arutz Sheva, Fabi said, “I’d never dare say such a thing, though you probably have the right.” He also added, “If you asked me if the Jewish population can sometimes be annoying, I would say yes.”

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Fabi’s caller referred to the Holocaust as “the most beautiful thing that happened in history” and labeled modern day Israelis “dogs.” Canada’s Sun News Network reports that the call, which aired on radio station 98.5 FM during the night, lasted for “more than four minutes.” Talk show hosts generally have the option of hanging up on offensive callers and many only give their guests a minute or two to speak. Fabi gave his guest considerably more time than this.

According to Sun, Fabi also told his caller “In this democratic country, you can never say anything offensive against the Israelis because it could cost you.”  He also said that people had to “wear white gloves when talking about this nice Jewish population of Montreal.”

According to The Jewish Press, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had called Fabi’s statements “unacceptable” and that it had placed “sanctions” on him. Fabi has been temporarily suspended from the station, but according to The Press, “It was unclear for how long.”

Some Jewish groups, though, hoped the station would do more to address the problem. According to The Sun News Network, David Ouellette, spokesman for The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said, “I find it difficult that the administration of (the station) can continue to have confidence in the judgment of this host.”

Meanwhile, according to CBC News, B’nai Brith Canada is asking for an apology from Fabi. CBC says that Steven Slimovitch, a lawyer from B’nai Brith said that his inbox was “flooded with emails from Jewish Quebecers following the broadcast.” He said that Fabi’s caller “basically says that Hitler should have finished what he started.”

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Wait a minute. This article, and the actions of Canadian jews, proves that indeed one really does have to “wear white gloves” when talking about the jews. Do jews hear themselves? Seriously? Are they a Nation of No Mirrors? Someone expresses their opinion that jews cannot be criticized and can be annoying, and their response is to launch a campaign to silence him and bring the forces of government to bear on him? That proves the “anti-semites” point! You really cannot criticize jews. If anyone had any doubt before as to the validity of that proposition, the jews have just confirmed it and made its truth undeniably evident. Good job! Man, Obama was right when he spoke about Netanyahu. Jews really don’t know what is in their own best interests! They’re like little kids who don’t even know what’s good for them. I think Jews have never grown up and matured because they’re bratty, childish behavior and temper tantrums always gets a pass. I think that’s why they want to have sex with their mothers, they haven’t outgrown their anal stage. Remember Freud was jewish and his theories were based on his own introspection and his observation of his predominantly jewish clientele in Vienna, Austria.

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