Camp Oorah To RAJE: So Much Great Torah!

From Camp Oorah to the Russian-American Jewish Experience, there are so many different organizations doing great work for the people of Israel.  Some great quotes on Torah to share & spread:

·       “For thousands of years, we have guarded the Torah, and for thousands of years, the Torah has guarded us.” David Ben-Gurion

·       “Where there is Torah it sustains the world.” Ovadia Yosef

·       “A man should always occupy himself with Torah and the commandments, even if not for their own sake, for even if he does them with an ulterior motive, he will eventually come to do them for their own sake.” Babylonian Talmud Pesachim 50b

·       “As water flows to the lowest level, so Torah finds its way to the lowly of spirit.” Hanina ben Iddi Talmud Taanit 7a

·       “The giving of Torah happened at one specific time, but the receiving of Torah happens all the time, in every generation.” Meir Alter the Gerer Rebbe

·       “The study of Torah is not simply a didactic act…It is a powerful experience involving the closeness of many generations, the joining of spirit to spirit and the connection of soul to soul.” Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik

·       “Engage in Torah and charity even with an ulterior motive, for that habit of right doing will lead also to right motivation.” Talmud Pesahim 50b

·       “The sun gives light by day, the Torah by day and night.” Asher b Saul Kol Bo

·       “Who fills his mind with Torah clears it of fear and folly.” Rabbi Chanina Sgan HaKohanim

Camp Oorah recently made news when Lipa had to cancel a show that he was supposed to perform at due to Hurricane Irene when he was stuck at Oorah.

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