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Menachem was previously a feature article writer for the Milwaukee Journal. He currently runs a small publishing business in Michigan focusing on books and magazines for the tourist industry. He is looking forward to writing for Jewocity and connecting with its readers. More about Menachem

Israel Affiliate of Edelman Hired By Energtek

Energtek Inc. (OTCBB: EGTK), a leader in hi-tech natural gas solutions and Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology announced they hired Wolf PR, the affiliate of Edelman Worldwide in Israel.  Wolf Communications and Public Relations is a major PR firm. Roni Wolf, Founder and CEO of Wolf Communications commented: “Energtek is a fast growing, moving, compelling […]

W Tel Aviv To Open In Jaffa

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide will be opening the W Tel Aviv – Jaffa and The Residences at W Tel Aviv – Jaffa in 2015.  The hotel will open in the old port of Jaffa-Tel Aviv. W Tel Aviv – Jaffa will have 125 rooms & Suites which feature amazing views of the Mediterranean coast. […]

Towerjazz & Loan Maturity

TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, today announced that its Israeli lender banks have extended its existing loans’ maturity dates, and now 2013 and 2014 principal payments will be reduced from $105 million to $30 million. The outstanding loan of $131 million which was originally set to be paid starting September 2013 will be payable […]

Brooklyn Anti-Semitism? Tashlich Ain’t During Passover

With Passover’s rapid approach, officials at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park are asking Jews to please stop tossing bread into the park’s large lake. The problem is that while park officials insist this is a religious rite related to the upcoming holiday, the Jews of Brooklyn say they have no such tradition.  The whole thing began with […]

Don’t Miss Shmorg5 for Chol Hamoed – Deadline TODAY!

Don’t Miss Shmorg5 for Chol Hamoed – Deadline TODAY!

With Yom Tov less than a week away, we might be considering our plans for Chol Hamoed. Since this year there is only one full day of Chol Hamoed (and long car rides in store, surely), one way to keep the kids entertained no matter what you end up doing is this year’s Shmorg5 from […]

SodaStream, Waze, Better Place

SodaStream International, an Israeli company was named one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. From green energy to defense, real estate innovators like Ron Hershco to pharma companies like Teva so much exciting innovation is transpiring in Israel. Waze and Better Place were also named as innovative Israeli companies. ”We are […]

Behind the Scenes of Oorah’s “Pesach Blues” Music Video

Behind the Scenes of Oorah’s “Pesach Blues” Music Video

As Zero Hour (that’s ‘Zero’ as in “there had better be ZERO crumbs in this house!”) approaches, we turn our attention raptly to koshering and/or turning over our kitchens. For seasoned veterans who have had time to work out a system, this task is daunting enough. For the first-timers, though, the going seems impossible. Have […]

From Russia to Bava Kama! – An Amazing Oorah story

From Russia to Bava Kama! – An Amazing Oorah story

Twenty year-old Moshe Mentchikov just celebrated a siyum in Maseches Bava Kama. He’s not your average bochur: he grew up behind the Iron Curtain in a family who knew little about Yiddishkeit. But Hashem intervened on behalf of this precious soul—by way of the kiruv organization Oorah—and rescued him from religious oblivion. The story begins […] The New One-Stop Shop for the Jewish Community The New One-Stop Shop for the Jewish Community ( is a new marketplace and directory for the Jewish community, founded in 2011 by a driven team, with a desire to create an easy to use portal for Jewish life and services, from bris to burial and all of life’s many simchas in between. Launched late last year, the site is growing rapidly […]

Israelis On Forbes Billionaire List

Certainly there’s many Jews on the list – from Michael Bloomberg to Ira Rennert.  But there’s also many entrepreneur Jews who didn’t make the list, whether Ron Hershco or Joe Moinian. But 17 Israelis have been named Billionaires – “the richest people on the planet.” The richest Israeli list includes Idan Ofer, Eyal Ofer, Stef […]