American Gives Anti-Semitic, Anti-Jewish Interview to Iran’s Press TV

This morning, Iran’s Press TV published an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish interview with American Mike Harris, financial editor of Phoenix’s Veterans Today.  In it, Harris blamed pro-Israel figures in Hollywood for the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school that left 20 children and six adults dead.

Harris told Press TV that America was “founded on genocide and slavery.” He said that the US had been at a “constant state of war” against the rest of the world since its founding. He said that America’s official policy was “murderous” and that it did not “value human life.” He said that children were bombarded by violent ideas during childhood, like games with “gun toys” and soldiers and “video games that kill.”

He then went on to blame what he called as “Zionist-controlled Hollywood” and a “Zionist-controlled news media” for acting as a “conduit to all of these [SIC] violence.” He didn’t just stop with Zionists. Instead, he went on to say that violent images had come into “every home in America” and that the reason for this was that it came from “The Jews in Hollywood.” He said Jews were the source of the violent images in the entertainment industry and in the news media.

Harris called Israel’s recent military response to Gaza-based missile firing “revenge killing”, which he said was meant to get back at the United Nations for allowing Palestine non-member observer status and recognizing it as a state. He said that Israel had deliberately targeted innocent children and said that that was something that Israelis did “very, very well.”

He also said that he was “disgusted with Israel and its behavior on the international stage” and accused the country of orchestrating “death squads in the United States” since the time of the Gabby Giffords shooting. He also blamed the shooting in Aurora, Colorado on “Israeli death squads” and said that these squads had been involved in other shooting incidents within the United States as well.

He further told Press TV that he believed enforcing gun control on every day Americans was pointless.  The problem wasn’t, he said, ordinary Americans, rather it was the “Jew-inspired culture” that came out of Hollywood and from people like Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer, who he said “Are all Jewish senators, all Jewish people who want to take guns away from normal law abiding middle-class American.”

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