About Dr. Yael Respler

Dr. Yael Respler is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brooklyn who can be reached at 718-259-4965.  She writes a column for the Jewish Press, [Dear Dr. Yael] and hosts a summer psychology radio show on Thunder 102.1 10:00 PM Sundays  in the Catskills.  Her radio shows and columns can be accessed on her website www.dryaelrespler.com.

Dr. Respler specializes in dealing with stress, dating issues, marriage counseling [the intimate relationship] and parenting conflicts.  She is a certified Hypnotherapist, [Smoking cessation, phobias etc,] and is currently running Shalom Bayis [Marital Harmony] groups for married women.  She works with her daughter Dr. Orit Respler-Herman [a child Psychologist] who can be reached at 917-679-1612.

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