5 Kosher Food Ideas to Brighten Up Your Meals

kosher-foodFood has its own endearing place in everyone’s life and no matter how your mood is; still every individual strives for a good healthy and delicious meal throughout the day. As the world is clinging towards fast food which is unhealthy, there are also many alternatives coming up to make meals more nutritious. Kosher food is a part of Jewish cuisine but is also something that stands for a meal for fitness and health. This type of food is cooked in accordance with Jewish Law but is lip-smacking and in several varieties too. So, here is a list of 5 kosher food ideas that you can try at the special occasions and leave everyone mesmerized by your experiments in food cuisines!

  1. Breaded Baked Chicken

It is one of the ideal alternatives for fried chicken since this one is much healthier as well as easier to cook than fried chicken. The taste is still not comprised with the Breaded Baked Chicken, as it is oven baked and that’s why the nutritious as well as delicious value of this kosher recipe is just amazingly apparent.

  1. Matzoh Ball Soup

The best part of the Matzoh Ball Soup is the varieties it comes in, i.e. non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and what not! This Kosher Food is something which is rich in carbohydrates and is mouthwatering too! You can try the recipes in any form be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian but you will end up falling in love with it and with the healthy fat present in it, you can also add it to the list of healthy foods. You can even check out MRS foodprep to know more about similar recipes.

  1. Bazargan

This dish is replete with different fruits along with the spicy savory flavor that it possesses! It is a usual bulgur salad which is vegetarian and is made from the ingredients including pomegranate molasses, different spices as well as crunchy walnuts. The tip for Bazargan is to cook it a few hours before the serving time which gives its ingredients enough time to mix and blend together and bring up a special sweet and spicy taste that you will leave craving for more!


  1. Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is a kosher dish for those who want to eat chicken in a new way. This salad is made from chicken cut into small pieces and then mixed with normal salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, humus sticks, cucumber, etc. You can add your own flavor to it or garnish it with balsamic honey and it is just that quick to make! Also, this salad is an ideal option if you have some chicken left from last night or if you are bored with the same salad, you can try Chicken Salad as a kind of Kosher Food.

  1. Spinach and Cheese Pasta

Spinach and Cheese Pasta is also a vegetarian recipe and the highlight for this dish is the wonderful combination of Spinach and pasta. It will become your favorite if you love eating pasta and blending it with spinach will augment the overall flavor of your dish. This recipe can be made in a short time and is filled with nutrition. Taking a look at the health scale of Spinach and Cheese pasta, it has protein, starch along with green vegetables, so that makes it a great one of all Kosher Foods.

Thus, these are a few wonderful ideas from Kosher Food that can complement your next special meal for any festive occasion or you can even cook them for dinner time. Experimenting with food not only gives you an array of knowledge in various cuisines but also lets you blend unique ingredients together to come up with something delectably fantastic! Happy Cooking!

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