10 Equipment You Will Find in A Baker’s Kitchen

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Baking is one of those things that everybody wishes they could do well, but it takes time and effort to learn how to do. If you’re thinking about becoming a baker or just trying your hand at making some pastries, then you need to have the right equipment. Without the right tools in your baking toolbox, there’s no chance that you’re going to make delicious cakes, cookies, or brownies anytime soon. Read down below to get the top tools that are going to appear in every baker’s kitchen.

  1. An Oven Thermometer

The chances are high that your oven’s internal temperature is going to be inaccurate. This is only not true if you have a brand-new oven, which most of you reading this article probably do not. You should get an oven thermometer for your kitchen, so you can always tell what the actual temperature is inside the oven. This will mean that you won’t have to deal with burnt cookies anytime soon. This is different from the brand-new microwave oven you might find over at http://www.ovenshopper.com/. Those won’t have any problem with internal temperatures.

  1. A Hand Mixer

When comparing stand mixers to hand mixers, it’s easy to tell which one is going to be more convenient for you. While it’s great to have both in your kitchen, the hand mixer is so much easier to move around and use. Plus, it’ll take up way less space than a stand mixer.

  1. A Food Scale

When it comes to baking, precision is absolutely everything. That means that the ingredients you use need to measured and weighed out properly so that your masterpiece comes out perfectly. Make sure to have a food scale in your kitchen so you can do just that!

  1. Silicone Baking Mats

Sure, you could just use baking paper, but why would you use these sheets that you just have to throw away when you can get silicone baking mats that are reusable? These are indispensable in the environmentally friendly baker’s kitchen.

  1. Some Cookie Scoops

When you need to make small balls of cookie dough or truffles, then you’ve got to have some cookie scoops on hand. However, these are not just great for cookies! You can use them for ice cream and other things, as well!

  1. A Sifter

Getting a sifter into your kitchen is a step that you probably don’t think is necessary for baking nowadays. But a sifter is important so that you can get rid of any excess lumps in the flour or baking powder that you’re using. It’s going to make your life a whole lot easier, trust us!

  1. Some Cooling Racks

You should never leave your cakes in the pan to cool down or the cookies on the baking sheet. This is not only inefficient in cooling them down, but could result in them getting stuck to the metal. Make sure to have cooling racks ready, so your pastries can cool down in the right way.

  1. A Wooden Rolling Pin

Wooden rolling pins are going to last you an absolute lifetime and are crucial if you want to properly roll out your dough and other ingredients. This is a must if you want to be a proper baker!

  1. Tons of Baking Pans

Of course, no baking kitchen is complete without plenty of baking pans for every baking occasion. From mini-muffin pans to larger cake pans, you’ve got to get yourself high-quality pans that will last you for a long time. Don’t go for the affordable ones just because they’re on sale! Make sure to splurge on these because the highest quality pans will last you much longer.

  1. Rimmed Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are pretty much used for everything in the baking world – baking cookies, breads, pouring out brittle, etc. Make sure you have a couple in your kitchen, so you’re never wondering how you’re going to bake those cookies.

Each of these pieces of equipment are going to be crucial if you’re looking to start baking. Make sure to head out to the store as soon as you can to get all of these and get to making those cookies and cakes!

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