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  • AirBnB Threatens Ken Kurson

    Journalist Ken Kurson bought Airbnbisracist.com – and now Airbnb.com is threatening to sue him.  Kurson bought the site after the company’s racist decision to remove listings for homes in “Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank.” Seems like an activist response to big business – and his right to do so. Kurson wrote about his rationale here, noting “Since its […]

  • Ultimate tips to sell your software, App or service online

    Developing a great app, software or service will not guarantee you the success and revenues you want until you have great marketing ideas to let people know about that. Marketing a software or service can be little bit harder than promoting a physical product. Hence, there are a lot of ways that startups can do […]

  • Shekel Forecast 2019 – USD:ILS Exchange Rate

    [Shekel Forecast 2019] The US Dollar is currently trading at 3.64 Shekels and as of October 11, 2018 has a 52-week range of 3.38 and 3.72 – currently, this places the Shekel in the upper half of its yearly range, suggesting a somewhat bearish outlook on the future of the Israeli currency against the greenback. […]

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  • 5 Compelling Reasons to Move to Florida

    5 Compelling Reasons to Move to Florida Many people think of Florida as a perfect state for retirees or snowbirds, but the truth of Florida residency is the limitless potential for residents of all sizes and interests to live a life of adventure. There are very places in the U.S. that have the luxury of […]

  • Song in Memory of the Pittsburgh Eleven on the One Year Anniversary

    This melody (niggun) is composed in memory of the eleven women and men murdered in the massacre at the Tree of Life (Etz Hayim) Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The grim one year anniversary falls this Sunday, October 27. The words reflect the outpouring of love that followed this horror. People of all backgrounds streamed to the […]


    Benyamin Mazoor moved to Beth Shemesh close to five years ago from a secular area in Israel so that his children can have an Orthodox education.  Under no circumstance was he able to find a school suitable for his children due to their Sephardic background. After searching for a proper solution, he was introduced to […]

  • Jewish Creative Writing Activities for Students

    Jewish creative writing activities are a wonderful and fun way for students to learn Judaism. What these learning activities do is teach concepts, themes and even event in the Jewish civilization. There are so many creative writing activities out there that can help students learn all about Judaism and below are some of them borrowed […]

  • Sy Syms School of Business Announces New Dean

    Dr. Noam Wasserman has been named as new Dean of the Sy Syms School of Business, effective May 2019. Dr. Wasserman was a professor at Harvard Business School (HBS) for 13 years before serving as the Lemann Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California (USC) and the founding director of its Founder Central […]

  • Benefits of Finding A Video Production Company for Your Business Needs

    Benefits of Finding A Video Production Company for Your Business Needs

    It’s important to stand out from all of the other websites within your industry. With expert video production services, you are able to do this. Suddenly, you can have high-quality videos throughout your website. It will provide you with a number of benefits.   Engage Your Audience   First and foremost, you want to keep […]

  • Biggest Cyber Threats to your Business

    The point many business owners make when responding to warnings about threats to their technology infrastructure is a simple one, and it is a point well taken. How, they ask, can we defend against a threat if we don’t know what it is?   To those experienced in matters of computer security, this might sound […]

  • Ronn Torossian Commentary On PR Pros On The Big Screen & Flack

    Ronn Torossian Commentary On PR Pros On The Big Screen & Flack

    With the release of the newest TV show on Public Relations, Flack starring Anna Paquin, its time once again to examine how the PR industry is reflected upon in the media.   It appears that Robyn, the character in the new TV show ‘Flack’, has a somewhat accurate role, even though the show itself isn’t entirely […]

  • Expert Writing Services: What Influences the Cost?

    Everybody has already got used to online services. There are numerous assignment writing partnerships that are ready to help students whenever the need appears. They offer services of the highest quality and some great benefits and guarantees. This sounds so good that some people begin to wonder whether everything is that perfect. Of course, nothing […]

  • Charles Fey – The Father Of Slot Games

    A name many people have never heard of even though he is the father of online slot games as we know them! You can actually play on a wide variety of slot games at Slotzo today! But,  below we will outline who Charles Fey was and what he did to solidify his title as the […]

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