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  • Passenger Offended

    On a  Northwest Airways flight from Atlanta, a well attired middle-aged woman found herself sitting next to a man wearing a kippa (‘yarmulka’ in  Yiddish). She called the attendant over to complain about her seating. ‘What seems to be the problem, Madam?’ asked the attendant. ‘You’ve sat me next to a Jew!! I can’t possibly sit next to this [...]

  • “Jew in the City” Announces Top 10 Orthodox Jewish All Stars of 2013

    The Jew in the City Second Annual “Top 10 Orthodox Jewish All Stars” Awardees and Red Carpet event will take place on Sunday, November 24th in New York City New York, NY, October 16, 2013 –   U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann are among ten individuals who have been named 2013 Orthodox Jewish [...]

  • TOP 10 Songs From Fiddler on the Roof – Thursday’s Top Ten List

    TOP 10 Songs From Fiddler on the Roof – Thursday’s Top Ten List

    Today’s Top 10 ranks the songs from the amazing, timeless musical, Fiddler on the Roof. This task was so overwhelming that I needed to take a couple weeks off before contemplating it. Play the songs, debate your own rankings and try not to sing along, smile and shed a tear or two. Impossible?

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  • 5W Public Relations Partners with Mobile Web Monetization Platform, APPWIZ

    One of the largest independently owned public relations firms in the United States 5WPR, has recently been named Agency of Record by Appwiz, a global monetization platform based in Israel.   Founded in 2012, Appwiz provides web publishers a unique opportunity to monetize their mobile web traffic, and give application developers a robust, targeted platform [...]


    Various jobs are hiring –From the Mark Birnbaum foundation to many others ·          Marketing and Donor Affairs Assistant – American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:  Responsibilities include coordinating and keeping inventory of marketing, advertising and fundraising materials; creating PowerPoint presentations; managing and scheduling donor proposals and reports; data entry and reporting from AABGU’s donor [...]

  • Henry Swieca – An Inspiring Business Forerunner

    “If you want to make it, take your career into your own hands” Henry Swieca said to a group of graduates at his alma mater, Columbia Business School a few months ago. This is exactly what Swieca did and continues to do at his private investment firm, Talpion Fund Management. Both of Swieca’s parents died [...]

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  • NY comedians take their act to the Gaza frontlines

    Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Helps NY Comics Perform For Israeli Soldiers   New York, July 30 – Comedians from New took their acts to the frontlines of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, visiting Israeli soldiers near the border with Gaza to provide a brief respite from the conflict, thanks to the Friends of the Israel [...]

  • Cancel? Absolutely Not!

    Cancel? Absolutely Not!

    The families were counting the days.  Tension, trauma, terror colored their days ‘gloomy gray’. Living with cancer was draining, traumatizing. But there was something to look forward to. Ezer Mizion’s Summer retreat for Families Battling Cancer was due to take place in a matter of days. And then the war came. “They’ll probably cancel,” said [...]

  • Rabbi Shlomo Braun Joins District Leader Renee Collymore at Reception  Hosted by Chaim Pinkesz, of M.A.R.C.H.

    Rabbi Shlomo Braun Joins District Leader Renee Collymore at Reception Hosted by Chaim Pinkesz, of M.A.R.C.H.

    Photo Left to Right: Avraham Tischler, Community Coordinator; Renee Collymore, Female District Leader of the 57th Assembly District; Michael Bumpers, President of Parliament Democratic Club; Chaim Pinkus and Rabbi Shlomo Braun of ALEH.   Chaim Pinkesz, Executive Director of M.A.R.C.H. (Mothers Alone Raising Children) and major advocate for the NY Jewish Community hosted a fundraiser [...]

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  • Rabbi Shlomo Braun joins Zisha Novoseller at  Bayis Nemon Headquarters

    Rabbi Shlomo Braun joins Zisha Novoseller at Bayis Nemon Headquarters

    On Thursday, July 14, 2014 Rabbi Shlomo Braun of Aleh and Zisha Novoseller. Executive Director of EPI addressed an elite group of woman at the Bayis Nemon Headquarters located on 5806 16th Avenue.  Bayis Nemon is a group of volunteers who established a bi-weekly gathering to brainstorm and facilitate engagements leading to marriage for young [...]

  • Parshas Devarim Summary

    1st and 2nd Aliyot: Moshe recounts the history of the 40 years from after the 2nd Luchos, until the request by the people to send the Spies. (Pasuk 12 is read to the tune of Eicha – Lamentations) He notes the establishment of the Sanhedrin and the Judicial system. 3rd and 4th Aliyot: The incident [...]

  • Sushi Tokyo Invites Rabbi Shlomo Braun to Buffet Lunch

    Sushi Tokyo Invites Rabbi Shlomo Braun to Buffet Lunch

    Rabbi Shlomo Braun was invited by Shneior Harel & Chaim Shmuel Lipsitz to a lavish lunch at one of their most elegant restaurants located on 626 Kings Highway in Brooklyn.  In addition to Rabbi Shlomo Braun they also invited Officer Emanuel Almog of the US Customs and Immigration Services as well as Steven Matsas, Managing [...]

  • Hurtful Words – Final Part

    In the past weeks we have discussed the various forbidden ways in which a person can cause harm with his speech. This prohibition does not necessarily restrict itself to causing pain with speech; any form of causing pain is prohibited1 . Below are a number of common forms of causing pain or inconvenience to other [...]

  • The Nine Days

    We are now entering a time referred to as “The Nine Days.” These are the days beginning with the first day of the Hebrew month “Av,” and ending with the ninth of Av. These days are the prelude to the destruction of the Holy Temple which was located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The [...]

  • Ronn Torossian Compiled Top Quotes About Israel-Hamas Conflict

    Some of the best quotes as compiled by Ronn Torossian about the current conflict between Israel & Hamas: ·        “Halting flights here — when the airport is safe — hurts Israel and rewards Hamas for attacking Israel. Hamas wants to shut down the airport. We can’t let that happen.” Michael Bloomberg ·       “Israel has a [...]

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